What is Adult E Commerce SEO?

SEO for Adult E-Commerce means Search Engine Optimization explicitly done for Adult E-Commerce websites. Organic traffic via Search Engines is the primary driver of growth, sales, and customer acquisition for E-Commerce Adult stores. Having the right eCommerce SEO strategy for your adult online business is, therefore, essential. In addition, adult SEO helps to attract high-quality traffic to your website, thereby increasing conversions.
The Adult SEO techniques involve On-site(includes publishing high-quality content, Optimize page titles and meta descriptions, image optimization, etc.) and Off-site procedures(work done that is not on the website, like quality link building, niche directory submissions, creating social signals, and citations).

adult e-commerce SEO

Why is SEO for Adult E-Commerce important?

More than ever, buyers are turning towards eCommerce for their needs, especially their sexual fantasies. when you are buying something as erotic as a sex toy, you don’t want any judging eyes laying to you while entering a sex toys shop down the street. After all, it’s far more convenient to order something online and receive a door-to-door deliver, that too respecting your anonymity. The recent developments in the web-tech solutions and availability of turnkey eCommerce scripts have made it fairly easy to not only build eCommerce stores without coding knowledge but also find products to sell on them from the very first day.Adult niche has witnessed the mushrooming up of plethora of e commerce websites. Even for a single category of Adult sex toy vibrator, several competitors are fighting to get the piece of meat!. We all know that the more than 90% of the searches for the Sex toys from the prospective customers would come from the Google Search Engine. With the evolving Google search engine algorithm, a sub-standard SEO strategy for your Adult e commerce store following the conventional advertising campaigns might sound like a death knell for your business.

How can AdultSEOMaven help your Adult E Commerce business with the SEO process?

An overview of our Adult E- Commerce SEO Process:

Keyword Research & Analysis

Always remember that the right keyword search acts as the bridge between your Adult e commerce store and your potential customers! While employing the effective SEO strategy for adult websites and businesses, keyword research and analysis are one of the most potent weapons. For example, you could focus on terms like “Best kinky handcuffs” or “How to choose the best dildo online”, in order to attract the right customer intent. Many business owners instead of targeting specific keywords related to adult sex toys, focus on very general terms and phrases, and this proves to be their Achilles heal!

Competition Analysis

The adult online e commerce is pretty much similar to the Amazon forest, and you would find examples of a lot of top performing players in the niche who are doing extremely well. The SEO strategies employed by them are the perfect manual to hone your customized SEO strategy. The world for adult websites is highly competitive, and a sure way to excel is to understand the competition and evolve!

On-Site SEO Analysis & Optimization

On Page SEO remains the holy grail for any SEO endeavor. The right keyword stuffing, without overdoing it and content development that matches with the search intent would go long way in creating a superior onsite SEO strategy than your competitor. This ensures you rank higher in the Google rankings.

Content Writing

Let the magic of erotically crafted words enhance the pleasure of the prospective customers and entice them to close the deal! The wonderful adult products would appeal even more to the senses if the descriptions are backed with sizzling sexual overtones!. Sensitize the customers with the erotic pleasures (or if it is the pain) associated with the product!

Adult Link Building

With the excellent content already generated by you, it is essential to focus on Link building! Keywords and links are mutually dependent upon one another. The search engines like Google judge the reliability of your website through the number of high authority and relevant backlinks it receives from other websites. Most mainstream websites won’t link to an adult website. This makes adult link building 10x harder. The lack of regular link building opportunities makes SEO for adult niches difficult and different from generic SEO.

AdultSEOMaven has a team of highly skilled digital marketing specialists with years of experience in SEO of adult e-commerce websites. We create custom Adult marketing strategies for Adult E-Commerce stores, including SEO and Pay Per Click services. Our SEO strategies for E-commerce puts your site on top of Google for the most relevant search terms. Contact us today for a free SEO Audit of your site.

How to sell adult products online?

Selling adult products online involves dedicated efforts and we enlist some of the best practices you can adopt to run an online adult e coomerce shop successfully:


Adult eCommerce provides tremendous opportunities to explore the multiple sub niches within it. Instead of focusing completely on sex toys alone, expand your catalog to involve products for enhancing pleasure. For example, while you can always list traditional sex toys like vibrators and kinky handcuffs, you can also sell interesting new items to spice up things. The key is to offer something for everyone but in an organized manner. Cut the clutter in your catalog through effective distinction between the categories wherever possible.. For example, one filter you can insert is you can classify intent based on fetishes such as Light-play, Hard Core, BDSM, Cosplay.

Strategic Marketing

An online sex store is like any other eCommerce website, and every website needs marketing. The only difference is you might not be able to promote on mainstream TV, newspapers, and websites, but you can still access tons of digital marketing channels to spread your words.

  • You can use Display Ads on Adult Ad networks.
  • Create in-roll video Ads for porn tube sites.
  • Invest in Adult website SEO.
  • Build links with other adult websites.
Partner up for affiliate marketing with:
  1. Adult Industry bloggers
  2. Social media influencers
  3. Adult webcam girls
  4. OnlyFans models
The key is to target the customers without depending on the mainstream marketing channels. The adult industry ecosystem is now vast enough to have dedicated adult marketing campaigns.

Expand into accessories

While sex toys would remain the primary cash cow for you,a great deal of revenue can come from accessories, too. Sexual wellness products, condoms, tampons, and costumes are also great in demand and users demand anonymity.

Anonymity is the Key!

By being discreet, you ensure that your customers get a private shopping experience on your platform. You need to ensure that everything from payment methods to product packaging, shipping methods, and delivery mechanisms is not forcing your customers into revealing what they have purchased.

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