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Although heavily criticized for its depictions of BDSM relationships, Fifty Shades of Grey has boosted the sexual imaginations of many! The beautiful Dakota Johnson with handcuffed exposing her incredibly sexy buttocks getting whipped by her lover! AAh, that is too much to resist! This has completely revolutionized the Adult Sex Toys niche online. With couples eager to add the element of kinkiness to their bedroom to spice up their sex life, adult sex toys come in handy. Also, the conventional penetrative and oral sex techniques do not inject the necessary thrill any longer to modern couples! Modern studies have shown that more adventurous romantic partners who are experimenting with kinky sex are often experiencing a more fulfilling experience in their sex life!
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Why is Sex Shop SEO important?

In 2015, the global sex toy market was valued at roughly $21 billion, as per the report published by the Statista. By 2021, the worldwide adult toy industry is projected to grow by nearly 50%, reaching an estimated value of more than $35 billion. New sex shop websites are mushrooming up every day, but what differentiates a market leader from a website that has gone into oblivion is the right SEO strategy for their Sex Shop business online. The adult sex shop niche is among the most competitive e-commerce sectors, with plethora of one-stop-shop super stores to niche sex stores offering specialized products. Even for a single category of Adult sex toy lubricant or the vibrator, several competitors are fighting for the piece of the meat. It is a known fact that the 3/4th of the searches for Sex toys from prospective customers would come from the search engines like Google. The Google search engine algorithm keeps getting advanced. Any SEO strategy that does not align itself to the updating Algorithms can seriously bring your online sex shop business down. Like any adult market catering to specific erotic tastes, the adult toy industry has its nuances and complexities. However, this industry is unique in that it tends to face more intense scrutiny by search engines, regulators, and consumers alike. That is why any business requiring sex toy SEO should work with an Adult Niche expert. Employing any freelancer or a newbie for your Adult SEO could mean disaster if their plans don’t include keyword and conversion rate optimization. Our team combines savvy digital strategy with technical execution to drive business and generate sales. The adult toy industry is among the most competitive e-commerce sectors, with everyone from one-stop-shop national chains to niche boutiques offering specialized products.

When you start your sex toy SEO campaign with AdultSEOMaven, you can expect the following services and more:

Research on organic keywords

The adult sex toys business online is an exceptionally tightly fought niche, and you must target the right keywords. Always remember that your potential customers find your website via the proper keyword search. For example, you could be offering the best-inbuilt design for a sex doll, but when a customer searches focus on terms like “Best sex doll online” or “How to choose the perfect sex doll”, your website is not appearing in the top results. This means you are not targeting the right search intent! Targeting the general phrases instead of the right keywords would be the downhill road for your online sex shop.

Content writing

Understand that sex toys appeal to the eyes, but if they are supplemented with erotic content that can generate sensations in the customer’s groins, then there is a high probability the customer will return again and again! Our Adult SEO experts know how to navigate with the adult content to entice the customers to the website and evade the online radars targeting the adult content.

Competition Analysis

Analyzing the top-performing adult sex shops online concerning targeting the right keywords, web design, on site SEO optimization, and content generation is a holy grail if you want to remain in good stead as far as your adult online business is concerned.

On-Site Optimization

On-Page SEO” for sex shop includes all the strategies for a website that are designed to appeal to the end customers as well as the search engines too! Keywords identification, Keyword stuffing, Content generation, creating a visually appealing website are all part of the On-Page SEO strategies.

Adult Link Building Activities

We’ll use the target keywords to make sure we’re building the correct links, with the right anchor text, to the right content on your website. This will enhance the effectiveness of each backlink we build and make sure you rank above your competitors for the desired keyword. It is easier to employ the Black Hat SEO techniques to obtain the backlinks but those are heavily penalized by Google. We believe that the shotgun approaches do not work effectively when it comes to quality link building in the adult niche. Strategies that build mass amounts of backlinks quickly can leave your website looking like a spamming website in the eyes of a search engine. Our approach is more diplomatic and strategic – we value quality backlinks over the number of backlinks. We’ve built a network of adult web admins that allows us to get your website placements on authoritative industry websites and blogs. The most crucial part of a backlink campaign is that it must appear organic, or else Google will penalize your website. Therefore, we pay close attention to link type and anchor text ratios to give you the optimal balance to avoid detection and penalties.

Why Work With AdultSEOMaven?

We are the pioneers in delivering superior results for the adult industry’s leading brands. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to achieve, improving, and sustaining results from gathering strategic insights to developing keyword research strategies and performing on-site upgrades. If you are ready to start the SEO for your Adult Sex shop today, our team of dedicated experts is Ready to help you.

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